Cyber Security Quiz


The task description:

We were about to create an interactive webpage that – engagingly – conveys the importance of the use of secure passwords while training the user in either creating or memorizing them.

Moreover, we were given the specific target group - employees within the financial sector and we had to convey at least 4 user tests and analyze them profoundly afterwards.

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The beginning of the project we spent on brainstorming and figuring out in what way we want to send a message about importance of taking care of one's cyber security.

After brainstorming, we took time to do
a research about cyber security
and create a prototype.

When the prototype was done, we went to the user testing phase and we conducted one user test with a person from target group
and few more with our friends to see if quiz
is understandable and intuitive.

The last phase was about transfering prototype into a code using HTML5, CSS
and JavaScript. We struggled a bit with that, but eventually final product turned out well done.


I've worked on this project together with Hana Dubovska and Barbora Briestenska.

My responsabilities were: UI design, prototyping. Together with the girls - the rest of the project such as: research, user testing and coding.

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