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The task description:

Main goal was to propose extra functionality of the ecooking universe and redesign of a landing page so it is more user friendly. To reach the goal we had to make relevant research, create a visual concept and code the website from scratch.

I've worked on this project together with Hana Dubovska, Barbora Briestenska, Adam Bodor and Nikhil Thakur.
My responsabilities were: research and coding part.


For the research purpose the most important was to specify target group and get to know what ecooking USP is so we could figure out what is missing on the ecooking universe that could extend user-engagement in aforementioned universe.

For this objective I have created communication brief, which afterwards was a document to follow during designing part.

We came to the conclusion that ecooking universe is missing a place where users could discover their skintype and discuss skin problems with ecooking experts and other users. So we have designed one.


Website presentation:

The video shows the results of a part of coding I've made.

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